Answers to Common Questions


How long does therapy last?

The course to most therapy lasts for about 8–12 sessions.  In some cases, however, therapy may last longer.

Will my insurance cover your service?

 As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my policy is to collect a full fee at the end of each session and provide clients with a detailed receipt to be filed with their insurance company for reimbursement. Payment can be sent either by Check or Pay Pal. 

What is your fee?     The current fee is $150.00 per hour.

How often will I have to come?

Generally speaking, it is best to start with weekly sessions.  Once goals and intentions are set, I will work with you to develop a plan for activities and self care so you can reduce the frequency of sessions. 

Will my confidentiality be protected?

All client files are kept in a secured area, and I will speak with no one about your treatment without your permission.

Where are you located?

 Weaverville NC, (15 mile North of Asheville NC) 

What Hours are you available? Monday-Friday 8-4pm.  (I am unable to offer evening or weekend appointments)


Can I contact you via E-mail?

For your own privacy and confidentiality, it is  advised that you limit out-of-session contact to phone calls.  I have a  24 hour voice mail service and generally return all phone calls within the day.

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