Critic Camp

Online Via Zoom

Critic Camp is a three-day, online workshop designed for IFS Level One trained therapists to further explore harsh Critics that create anxiety, shame, and/or rebellion in our system and learn key interventions for healing those Inner Critics.

Register $650.00

This training is FULL: Creating Healing Circles: Using the IFS Model in Group Therapy (In Person Training – Invitation Only)

Asheville, NC

This five-day, in-person training in Asheville, NC is an in-depth training on how to use the IFS model in a group therapy format. Based on Chris’s book, "Creating Healing Circles: Using the Internal Family Systems Model in Facilitating Groups", this training is designed for IFS Level One trained practitioners who are committed to providing IFS healing circles.

Sold Out $1,800.00

IFS and Emotional Regulation

Online Via Zoom

This four hour, online workshop is open to both IFS informed as well as IFS Institute Level One trained participants. It introduces participants to the importance of language as it applies to emotions and needs. Workshop participants will experientially explore their own emotional landscape using the IFS process. A basic understanding of the IFS model is required for this workshop.

Register $125.00

Introduction to Creating Healing Circles

Online Via Zoom

This three-hour workshop is designed to introduce participants to using the IFS Model in a group format. Using Chris's book, "Creating Healing Circles: Using Internal Family Systems Model in Facilitating Groups" as a guide, the workshop offers an introduction to the outline, structure, and components of IFS groups.

Register $80.00

IFS and Life Dilemmas

Online Via Zoom

This five-hour, online workshop introduces IFS Informed as well as IFS Level One trained participants to working with life dilemmas using the IFS model. It includes key IFS practitioner skills such as mapping, setting intentions, navigating polarizations, direct access, and befriending core Exiles.

Register $125.00